About TYOJ

About Us

Are you overwhelmed by debt?  Concerned about paying for college or retirement?  Perhaps, you would like to purchase a new home?  Has your credit score taken a hit due to life circumstances? Are you ready for financial freedom? We work with our clients to help them achieve the goal of financial freedom by assisting with budgeting, paying off debts, planning for retirement and planning for education expenses.

Historically, The Year of Jubilee was celebrated as a time of restoration.  During this period, debts were wiped away and property was returned to it’s original owners.  Today, people rely heavily on credit such as credit cards and unsecured loans to survive.  Many people feel overwhelmed because they are barely getting by as the majority of their income is going to paying debts.


Our goal here at TYOJ is to live out the spirit of The Year of Jubilee by bringing restoration to our client’s financial lives.  Whether the goal is to become debt free, or to learn about how to use debt properly, TYOJ Financial Services is here to help you get back to celebrating life to the fullest.  In the end, we want our clients to be financially healthy and wealthy.  So if you are ready to take that next step down the road toward financial freedom, contact us today!


TYOJ Financial Services, was established in 2015 to give a fresh perspective on financial literacy.  TYOJ is dedicated to helping families and individuals achieve financial freedom.  Co-Founders, Delessia Kincade and Latoya Thompson are passionate about helping people and families establish a secure financial future.  With more than 30 combined years of experience in the financial arena, we can help you reach your financial goals!  Our motto, “Building Your Wealth”, embodies the ultimate goal of financial freedom.